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Fluffer Rocks

Starting in July a few members from Seattle based rock band Fluffer sent over their Jam Space radio show which, after just listening to the first couple of minutes, was scheduled on UK Get Discovered own radio player. This is hopefully going to be a monthly show of some of the greatest Indie rock on the planet.

Fluffer is Tony DeMore on Drums, Matt Bryson on Bass/Vocals, and Rob Trosino Vocals/Guitar. They play original hard rockin’ music with influences ranging from Metal to Motown with a pinch of good old fashion garage rock to keep you honest.

Fluffer is a dangerous band live. Their antics and social intercourse on stage puts the fear of God and costly fines into most club owners. The band name Fluffer goes back to the old vaudeville days where a Fluffer was the hype man whipping the audience into a frenzy, so consider us the Flavour Flav of heavy music. In 2016 they signed with FactoryFast Records out of New York, and appeared on the Drive All Night compilation in May, with a full length label debut due out in June. There will also be a very twisted Christmas CD just in time to fill your stockings with more mayhem!!

Fluffer Website